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The Pinterest algorithm is intentionally set up to favor topical content when it decides which pins to show you. Unlike Google, which is an even-keeled search machine, Pinterest has shown itself to be a seasonally driven platform – the pins that bubble to the top tend to change as the seasons wax and wane.

Added to this intentional favoritism is the fact that Pinterest is not “just” a search engine – it’s a socially driven search engine, which means the results that get pushed to the top are a result of both algorithms and real people like you and me.

Well, just like people aren’t doing a lot of firework shopping in November, not many folks are interested in repining your awesome pins about how to decorate a rustic Christmas tree in the middle of July.

When you add these two things together – Pinterest’s intentional favoritism & People’s natural preferences – the formula for creating top-shared, top-saved pins is continually changing along with the seasons.

If you want to stay at the top of your pin game, you need to get a feeling for how these changes work and then teach your brain to follow your gut when you’re creating pins.

Pinterest Seasonal Trends

We looked at hundreds of thousands of the most shared, most saved pins of the last few months to get a feeling for what terms and topics are bubbling to the top this summer – with a special focus on the trends top pinners are following for their own posts. Well, I mean, not “we” like me and a few friends – because, you know, computers. But those magical computer elves were sure working double time to parse and filter lots and lots of pins in order to figure out the list we’re showing you here.

We came up with 75 trending keywords that are being frequently repeated among top pins and by top pinners, right now.

So, want an inside peek at what topics and keywords are trending on Pinterest for Summer 2019?

Theme Trends

Overall, the trends of the season suggest themes of celebration and warmth along with an increased interest in trying new things and putting a fresh look on both the self and the home.

Fashion oriented keywords make an ever-present appearance but they’re toned down from their typical frequency and show distinct preference shifts. Hot in the fashion niche right now are keywords related to bold patterns and indulgent colors like gold and lilac.

We also noticed a marked preference for terms related to both entertaining & sustainability and perennial staples like recipes are oriented more towards the ideas of sweet treats and feeding-a-crowd rather than Wednesday night family dinners.

Overall, there’s a sense that the emotional direction of the season is guided by the twin ideas of standing out and making an impact. I guess all that sun brings out the inner diva in everyone.

When you read through the keyword list, try to imagine how the words fit into the ideas presented above. The word “ideas,” for example, shouldn’t be interpreted as the same-old-same-old term but seen in the light of trying new things, doing some exploring, and rocking the boat. Not “ideas for a Sunday casserole”, but maybe “ideas for a glam three-day-weekend-trip,” or stringing lights around the backyard for a cocktail party.

There’s a lot of context to these keywords, and if you can parse that context correctly you’ll be pushing your seasonal pins into hyperdrive before you finish mixing that watermelon martini.

Pinterest Top 10 Trending Summer Keywords

After filtering out all the articles, prepositions, and things-that-show-up-all-the-time-anyway, here’s the top ten terms from our final keyword list:

#1: People
#2: New
#3: Get
#4: Ideas
#5: Travel
#6: Style
#7: Try
#8: Trends
#9: Recipe
#10: Home

If you’d like to look at the full list, it’s free and available at the bottom of the article.

My favorites from the full list of all 75 keywords? Definitely Ginger, Cloud, and Glossy. For some reason all of those terms feel particularly like summer to me.

Try sprinkling these keywords into your planned pins or creating new pins with the idea of these keywords in mind as well as the words themselves. The trends say that you’ll be on the path to enjoying tons of repins and saves.

Happy Summer.

Pssst…some runners-up: Neon, Camping, Pool, Bright, Mocktail. Sounds like the secret safehouse code.

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