I’ve written a piece that summarizes what I knew going into my first blog building project, and now it’s time for the evil twin, which I’m creatively calling “What I Don’t Know.” 

Catchy, right?

This is actually a more difficult article to write than you might imagine, and I’m sure there are topics not included here that should be. The fact that they aren’t included is because it’s hard to separate big chunks of “what I didn’t know” into smaller pieces, except when the smaller pieces turned out to be vitally important.

Things I Didn’t Know When I Started Blogging

  • Which host to choose or what kind of hosting I need – I spent some time reading though /r/webhosting and webhostingworld to kind of get a feel for the different options that are out there. I got a feel for it, alright, and it didn’t help much at all. 
  • Should I set up an LLC – I don’t know if it’s a good idea to run the Blog under my own name or if I should start an LLC for a couple hundred dollars and do everything under the LLC name
  • How to Find Readers – I had no clue how to actually get anyone to my blog. I made some notes to check out Google and had a vague sense that I would probably place some ads in the beginning, but that’s as far my thought process went.
  • How Much Things Will Cost – No clue. Some hosting seemed dirt cheap, and some seemed like the computers must poop diamonds for you. Some LLC services are $149 and some are $399. Some domain registrars are $1.99 and some are $14.99. There seemed to be a very wide range of prices involved in each step of this process and it took me a while to get a handle on what things were worth spending money on (hosting, email service, professional plugins) and what things were not worth spending money on (consulting, tutoring, most eBooks)
  • How I Can Ever Make the Big Blog Self Supporting – I never started out trying to make a million bucks, even though the project ended up being fairly profitable. But even at the beginning I knew that the blog had to produce at least some revenue, because the costs associated with running it are not tiny. Beyond Adsense and the basics of how affiliate programs worked, I had no idea how to produce revenue.

“Stick with what you know…you’ll figure the rest out later”

Looking over this list from the vantage point of the future, it doesn’t bother me at all. It’s not scary, and not knowing something shouldn’t scare you, either. In fact, I think this list is kind of motivating. There are a lot of cool things to know, and it’s empowering to have them sort of broken down into a nice, neat list like this. It makes learning them easier, because at least there’s some concrete accounting of what things need to be learned.

The important thing to realize is that you don’t need to know a lot of this stuff to get your blog out of your head and into reality. At some point you’ll need to know these things – and more – but for now, all you need is some content and a good wordpress host.

I guess that’s today’s nutshell point – don’t get bogged down by the stuff you don’t know until you need to know it. Finding the perfect host isn’t as important right now as finding a host. And you don’t really need to worry about finding readers until you have something for them to read. 

Stick with what you do know, and what you can do. You’ll figure out the rest – that’s why you’re here!