Privacy Policy

Privacy policies are complicated. They always sound like they were written by an army of lawyers for a Fortune 500 company. I like to picture a bunch of dudes in fancy suits in a conference room overlooking the city. I don’t know which city, but a big one. They sit there and debate which important things to include in order to cover their butts against every possible scenario some dumb and/or crazy user could ever get themselves into by visiting the company’s website.

Lawyers who totally don’t work for us.

Here at BlogReactor, we’re going to take a different approach.

Having a privacy policy is good, because it lets us be honest with you about any behind-the-scenes stuff that is happening with whatever information you exchange with our service. But we don’t have an army of lawyers in nice suits who sit in conference rooms overlooking the (big) city while they draft complex legal documents for us. We’ll need to do things a little more directly.

In a nutshell, we use all the standard stuff that any website uses – software to put the pretty pages on your screen, email, contact forms, Google analytics, all that jazz. We don’t always control who you exchange data with – Google might learn some of your data as you browse websites, or facebook – but our policy about the data we do control is simple:

If you provide data to us, we treat it as only for us and try to keep it safe. We’re not going to intentionally share your data with anyone and, while we’re not perfect, we’ll try hard to make sure that your data is secure.

Obviously, if you post comments or do anything else that would be “public,” then we have no control over that.

That’s it. No army of lawyers required.