We know the next generation of media superstars is out there right now – in lecture halls, classrooms, and labs – quietly working on ideas and projects that could forever reshape the way we interact with our expanding digital landscape. And we’d really like to find you.

In an effort to identify new talent, cultivate independent voices, and inspire the next wave of media innovators, The Blog Reactor, LLC is proud to sponsor the New Media Incubator – a scholarship program for exceptional students.

Scholarship Overview

The Scholarship is a need-blind, merit-based grant awarded to students who show outstanding promise in the areas of creative & technical writing, social media jujitsu, marketing and influence-creation, journalism, media arts, graphic design, and related fields.

Our awards are granted exclusively on the quality and potential of the applicant, as demonstrated through the work and information submitted during the application process.

All awards are blind to race, ethnicity, national origin, sex/gender, or sexual orientation.

Two awards are made immediately prior to each fall and spring semester, with winners chosen from the pool of new applicants. Each award cycle, the Incubator will grant:

  • 1 Gold Award of $1000
  • 1 Silver Award of $500

Awards are paid directly to winners, who must certify their plans to use the award for appropriate education related expenses.

Associated Benefits

Beyond the cash award, current and past scholarship winners are offered the voluntary, ongoing opportunity to submit original work for publication within our media network or inclusion in our backend workflow.

Submissions might be written articles, computer code, infographics, logos and branded media, works of graphic design, etc.

Submitters will be paid above-market rates for any accepted and published/utilized submissions or work, as long as they are a full-time student in an accredited US post-secondary institution at the time of submission. This submission opportunity is a closed, exclusive program, and The Blog Reactor Group does not accept external work for publication or use from any other source.

Scholarship winners who choose to utilize this resource will be fully credited for any published submissions or work.

Following graduation, Scholarship winners are given priority consideration should they choose to apply for any positions that may be available within our organization. This benefit never expires.

Who Can Apply?

The Incubator is pleased to make this scholarship program open to any US citizen who is a full time student at an accredited post-secondary institution in the United States.

While successful applicants are likely to be engaged in fields of study related to media, communications, design, marketing, or writing, this is not a requirement.

Previous winners may apply again, but no one will be allowed to win any award more than twice.

What Are the Deadlines?

The application period for the fall semester opens June 1st and closes July 31st.
The application period for the spring semester opens October 1st and closes November 31st.

Winners will be notified by August 31st for the fall semester and by December 15th for the spring semester

Terms & Conditions

The terms, policies and conditions of this sholarship program may change at any time, as per the sole discretion of the offering body. This scholarship program is being administered and awarded directly by Blog Reactor, LLC as a corporate entity, not as a non-profit foundation.

All submitted application materials become the sole property of Blog Reactor, LLC. By applying, applicants agree that any winning application work may be published on any media property owned by Blog Reactor LLC, or used in any internal workflow within Blog Reactor, LLC.

Applicants agree that the names of winners, along with a photo and brief bio sketch may be published on any physical or online media property owned by Blog Reactor, LLC. Applicants will have the opportunity to review their bio sketch prior to publication and may use a pen-name, if they wish.

Applicants certify that any funds received through this scholarship program are to be used for qualified educational expenses, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States, and that they may be reportable as income, depending on the applicant’s individual tax situation. Applicants agree to exempt and hold blameless Blog Reactor LLC from any and all liability incurred from improper use of awarded funds.

Blog Reactor, LLC warrants that all personal information submitted as a part of this process will be treated as private, that reasonable safeguards will be taken to protect said information, and that none of the submitted information will be used for marketing/promotional purposes or made available to any third party.

How Do I Apply?

The application process is free and broken into two steps – A brief introduction followed by an invitation to the formal application.

The introductory step is completed by filling out the short form, below. We will review your submission and provide instructions on completing the full application.

In keeping with the terms and conditions, information submitted here is considered private and will not be used for any marketing purposes or promotional efforts.