Integrating MailChimp with WordPress

Learn how to integrate MailChimp into your Wordpress installation in order to manage and protect your email subscription list.


Mailchimp is a powerful piece of software that handles the back end of building an email list. See that email signup box over on the right? That is tied into the Mailchimp account for BlogReactor. If you decide to be super awesome and sign up to our email list, several pieces of software are involved in actually making that happen, and Mailchimp is one of them.

Blog Reactor uses MailChimp because of a few key features we were looking for:

  • There are a lot of MailChimp templates available, which makes the process of building forms and pages easier
  • The MailChimp API is well developed and allows for some neato high level functions if you happen to be a code-y type person
  • Mailchimp pricing is pretty sweet. You can use a full featured version for free (the internets love “free”)
  • Learning how to use MailChimp is pretty easy. I did it in two-ish days, and if I did it, trust me, you can do it, too.
MailChimp’s pricing model. The free tier is pretty full featured. When you’re ready to move up, the intro “pro” tier is only ten bucks a month.

Ok, so that’s all super duper. The problem is that integrating MailChimp with WordPress is an arcane bit of magic that – to me at least – wasn’t very obvious. Luckily, I found the linked video, above, which does a good job walking through the basic steps of integrating MailChimp with WordPress.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube, but not necessarily a lot of good videos. If you’re asking me to start smashing, liking, subscribing, or ringing, something has gone wrong. Since I’m learning how to manage the email backend, I found this dude’s video pretty darn helpful. And I didn’t have to smash anything. Bonus.



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