How to Find Your Wordpress Login URL

A long time ago, I started my very first blog on a shared hosting plan with bluehost. After I installed WordPress, I couldn’t figure out how to login to my WordPress dashboard. I tried for like 15 minutes. The standard bluehost login didn’t work, the cpanel login didn’t work, and I didn’t remember changing anything. It wasn’t pretty.

I was very new. Luckily, I had a dog, or I would have been sad.

Just in case you don’t have a dog, let me give you the sadness-avoiding skinny. Your WordPress login is not the same as your Bluehost login (or your Godaddy login, or Kinsta, or whatever host you’re using).

The default wordpress login credentials are:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: password

(Yeah…make sure to change those right away)

The WordPress Login URL

To interact with your WordPress installation, you’ll need to access the WordPress dashboard, which is located at either:

(localhost is just your domain name or dedicated IP address)



Sometimes using the dashboard address will redirect you to the normal WordPress login page. But, this depends on which host you’re using – the GoDaddy Login script will work this way, but 1and1 will not (for example). This method is super helpful if you changed your login URL at some point but don’t remember the new location.

If typing the dashboard address doesn’t work – and you haven’t changed the normal WordPress configuration – the standard/default WordPress login page can be found at either


Again, this can be host dependent.

Finally, in some unusual cases, hosts will force a WordPress install to a subdomain, like In that case, just add the /wp-login.php address to the end.

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