How to Create A Blog with the Newspaper Theme


Ferdy Korpershoek is my new bestie. He doesn’t know it, but it’s true.

When I was evaluating themes for two of my blogs, Newspaper was one of the top contenders. As part of my evaluation process, I spent some time on Youtube watching videos of people putting the themes through their paces.

Without a doubt, Ferdy’s video on Newspaper was my favorite. I think I watched it three or four times over the course of a week.

It’s a video done under the premise of showing you how to build a blog using the Newspaper theme. What Ferdy actually ends up doing is basically clicking through every freaking option the theme contains, in order, while telling and showing you what each option does. I don’t know if he does that on purpose, but it was a perfect demonstration of what the theme can do and how the user interface works.

He spends time at the beginning going through some basic info about registering a domain name and such, so you can skip to 16:00 to get right into his click-by-click demonstration of the theme.

There’s actually a lot more custom type layout Newspaper can do thanks to it’s built in drag-and-drop editor, but I don’t have a video for that. Yet.

So, enjoy. In addition to being a great video demo of the Newspaper theme, it’s also strangely soothing. Plus, the dude’s name is Ferdy Korpershoek. Nederlandse mensen zijn de beste!


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