Youtube Subscribe Button in Wordpress

Lets’ face it, the days of being able to grow big audience numbers with a basic written blog are probably over.

Time is too limited, attention spans are too short, and there’s just too much great content out there. We’ve reached the point of “content fatigue” and we need to expand our reach in order to attract a large, engaged audience. 

One great way to expand your reach is with a topical YouTube channel. People like videos and videos are great for presenting information in a short, uncomplicated (entertaining) format.

If you’re running a modern blog, you should have a YouTube channel to supplement your written content.

Integrating Your Written Content with Your Video Content

The basic strategy for integrating your blog with a Youtube channel is to produce written content for the blog that you supplement or expand with easy-to-digest videos.

You can either collect several written pieces into a unified package using videos as connecting hubs, or you can build videos as core content that you expand with specific and highly targeted written articles.

Whichever strategy you choose, embedding the actual videos in related posts is a powerful way to create engagement. It’s also a baked-in feature that WordPress supports out of the box.

What WordPress doesn’t natively support is embedding a Youtube subscribe button in the same posts. But they should, because having an embedded subscribe button lets readers view your content and subscribe to your Youtube channel without ever leaving your site.

Adding a subscribe button to your blog posts is a good way to unify your written content and video presence into a single platform – a place where readers can gather to discuss your content and share it with others.

Embedding A Youtube Subscribe Button in Your Posts

There are several ways to add a subscribe button to your posts.

Manually Adding a Subscribe Button Using Widgets

You can use Widgets to embed a Youtube subscribe button in your sidebar, header, or footer.

  • Head over to this Google page.
  • You can configure your button according to theme and color, and include your YouTube channel name or ID so the button to links to your channel.
  • Copy the resulting code
  • Head over to your WordPress site and navigate to Appearances > Widgets
  • Drag and drop a custom HTML box into the area where you want the button to appear on your page
  • Paste Google’s code into the Widget

Manually Adding a Subscribe Button Using HTML

If you’re not feeling widget-y, you can manually add the code anywhere in your posts by using HTML blocks.

  • Fetch your Youtube code from Google
  • Head back to your WordPress post and navigate to where you want the link
  • Add an HTML block
  • Paste the Youtube code into the HTML block

Manually Adding a Subscribe Button Using Images

If you want to customize things even more, you can pick any image you want to use as the actual subscribe button, and then link the image to Youtube’s subscribe script.

In order to use this method, you’ll need to manually generate a link to the subscribe system for your Youtube Channel. You can use the link below by editing it to replace “YOURCHANNELNAME” with…well…your channel name.

If you don’t know your channel name, just visit your youtube channel and grab it. It will look like

It’s the CHANNELNAME text you want to copy and paste into this link (make sure to select the entire link when copying it):
  • Find an image you want to use as your subscribe button
  • Place the image in your post
  • Create a link by selecting the image and pasting your subscribe code, as shown in the image below

If you don’t have any good images, here are two transparent png files you could use as your subscribe button. You can save them and resize as needed.

Adding A Subscribe Button Using a WordPress Plugin

If you don’t want to tinker with the manual options, you can instead use a plugin to get the job done. Be aware that you won’t have as many options for customization as you do with the manual methods.

  • Download the YouTube Subscribe Button widget from the WordPress website.
  • Install it!
  • Head to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Appearance > Widgets.
  • You should find the YouTube Subscribe Button widget in the Widgets menu.
  • Drag and drop that widget into the appropriate area of the sidebar where you want to place the button.
  • Fill in your YouTube channel information

If you know another method that isn’t covered here, let us know so we can add it. We’ll even give you credit for passing on the knowledge. Probably. No, we totally will. Most likely.


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