If you’re thinking about trying ConvertKit, the pricing model is simple and easy to understand. Pricing is subscriber based, and the full service is available no matter which tier you pay for.

ConvertKit Has No Free Account

Some email marketing services offer a free account that provides limited use of the service as long as you total subscriber count stays below a certain number.

These free account accounts usually only allow you to send a limited number of marketing emails each month and will typically give limited access to advanced features. Support for these free accounts is either unavailable or explicity marked as “low priority.”

Bucking this trend, ConvertKit has chosen not to offer a free, introductory level account. Their reasons are interesting, and they actually wrote an entire blog post about how and why they made this decision.

In a nutshell, ConvertKit has figured out that free accounts make the service worse for everyone.

  • Free users usually end up with a subpar experience because of the limited nature of the free account
  • Paying users have to pay more to offset the resources that free customers use
  • The business typically winds up losing money by maintaining inactive accounts and supporting customers who aren’t very invested in the product

ConvertKit’s opinion mirrors that of Hubstaff, another online services company that gave up on the freemium model

Hubstaff’s announcement and explanation for discontinuing their free account option

So, if you want to get set up with ConvertKit, you’ll need a paid account (though there’s still a way to try it out for free)

How ConvertKit Pricing Works

ConvertKit’s pricing is based only on your total number of subscribers. Pricing starts at $25 per month for 1,000 subscribers ($0.025/subscriber) and jumps to $41 per month for 3,000 subscribers and $66 per month for 5,000 subscribers ($0.013/subscriber).

ConvertKit Free 14 Day Trial

Billing can be done annually or on a monthly basis, and there’s a decent discount for choosing an annual plan. On average, annual billing will net you two free months of service each year.

Features & Support @ Different Subscriber Tiers

Because ConvertKit bases its pricing only on the number of subscribers you have, there is no such thing as a “limited” or “partial” account. Everyone gets the same access, the same services, the same integration options, and the same level of technical support.

The only thing that’s offered as a “restricted” service is the free white-glove migration that Enterprise customers can request (>7,500 subscribers). If you have a big list, this migration service will save you a lot of time – ConvertKit’s staff with walk you through the entire migration process.

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Pssst…You Can Still Try it For Free

Though there’s no free account, ConvertKit does offer two ways to try their service for free. You can signup for a free 14-day trial without providing any credit card information and even after you pay you can get a full refund for up to 30 days – if it’s not for you, just let them know. You can try everything ConvertKit has to offer with no risk – and you really should, it’s a great service.

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