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    Some Things I Know

    Let’s take stock of what I knew going into my first blog project. That is, if I’m going to start a blog from scratch, what does “scratch” even mean? 

    What is A WordPress Visitor?

    When you run a website, keeping track of how many people visit your site, how they get there, and what they do during their visit - that stuff is important. Understanding your...
    How to Cite a Blog in APA MLA or Chicago Style

    How to Cite a Blog

    I have a happy place in my mind where this website is so amazing and widely known that people cite it constantly in works of sociological and academic merit.
    Mailchimp API Key

    How to Find Your MailChimp API Key and Use it for Cool Stuff

    Many applications support the use of API Keys. API Keys let different applications securly communicate and exchange data with one another. They're like a password that one application must supply in order...
    Youtube Subscribe Button in Wordpress

    How To Add A Youtube Subscribe Button to Your WordPress Posts

    Lets' face it, the days of being able to grow big audience numbers with a basic written blog are probably over. Time is too limited, attention spans...

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