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    Web Hosting Datacenter

    The Best Website Hosting for WordPress

    Website hosting is a big topic. So big that one of the oldest and most active forums on the entire internet is dedicated to people discussing the various ins and outs of...

    The Journey Begins

    This blog started as a way to teach people how to raise their voice above the general noise of the crowd. And to do it in a way that generated revenue, so...

    Figuring Out What to Write About

    Having an Idea vs Having a Voice When it comes to content creation - not content writing, which is different - I’m a little lucky.

    Creating WordPress Categories: Building Some Scaffolding

    I’ve spent the last few days putting together a road map of content I want to write.  I have a good idea where to start with the actual pieces...

    User Engagement & The Importance of Telling Great Stories

    Running a blog is kind of a ballet. It integrates a lot of different tasks into the creation of one final product. There's some technical knowledge to get the...

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