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    Getting Started with MailChimp​ and Building Your First Email Campaigns

    Mailchimp is turning out to be one of the indispensable tools we rely on to run this site effectively. Read More: Eight Essential Tools & Services for New...

    Creating WordPress Categories: Building Some Scaffolding

    I’ve spent the last few days putting together a road map of content I want to write.  I have a good idea where to start with the actual pieces...

    How to Create An Anchor Link in WordPress

    Normal links let you navigate from one webpage to another by clicking. Links have a start and a finish. The place where a link starts - the part you click - is...

    Beginner’s Guide to Effective Free Keyword Research

    I was poking around on YouTube, and found the video I’ve embedded in this post. It’s from a guy named Miles, who spends a good deal of time talking about topics that...

    The Journey Begins

    This blog started as a way to teach people how to raise their voice above the general noise of the crowd. And to do it in a way that generated revenue, so...

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