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    How to Cite a Blog in APA MLA or Chicago Style

    How to Cite a Blog

    I have a happy place in my mind where this website is so amazing and widely known that people cite it constantly in works of sociological and academic merit.

    How to Create An Anchor Link in WordPress

    Normal links let you navigate from one webpage to another by clicking. Links have a start and a finish. The place where a link starts - the part you click - is...
    How to Find Your Wordpress Login URL

    How to Find Your WordPress Login

    A long time ago, I started my very first blog on a shared hosting plan with bluehost. After I installed Wordpress, I couldn't figure out how to login to my Wordpress dashboard....

    How to Create A Blog with the Newspaper Theme

    Ferdy Korpershoek is my new bestie. He doesn't know it, but it's true. When I was evaluating themes for two of my blogs, Newspaper was one of the top...

    8 Essential Tools for Starting Your Blog & Why You Need Them

    Hey! Before you jump in to this article, I'm going to warn you: This article is reeeeeealy long. It took a whole bunch of time to write, and it will take a...

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