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    The Only 3 Types of Content New Bloggers Should Write

    Blog content is a lot like ice cream. It's widely available, it's in high demand, it can be super freaking amazing, and it comes in all kinds of...

    Some Things I Don’t Know

    I’ve written a piece that summarizes what I knew going into my first blog building project, and now it’s time for the evil twin, which I’m creatively calling “What I Don’t Know.” 

    How to Edit Blog Content For Readability & Engagement

    As I point out in my general article on creating effective blog content, editing new blog content is time consuming. On average, I estimate that I spend at least...

    How to Create An Anchor Link in WordPress

    Normal links let you navigate from one webpage to another by clicking. Links have a start and a finish. The place where a link starts - the part you click - is...

    Some Things I Know

    Let’s take stock of what I knew going into my first blog project. That is, if I’m going to start a blog from scratch, what does “scratch” even mean? 

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