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    Summer Flamingo

    Summer 2019 Top Trending Keywords on Pinterest (How Can 300,000+ Pins be Wrong?)

    The Pinterest algorithm is intentionally set up to favor topical content when it decides which pins to show you. Unlike Google, which is an even-keeled search machine, Pinterest has shown itself to...

    How to Start A Blog: Step 3 – Writing Your First Blog Posts

    Ladies and gentlemen, pull out your laptops, pencils, fountain pens, or quills and let's get our write on. (if you actually pulled out a quill, send me a picture and I'll post...

    Figuring Out What to Write About

    Having an Idea vs Having a Voice When it comes to content creation - not content writing, which is different - I’m a little lucky.
    How to Find Your Wordpress Login URL

    How to Find Your WordPress Login

    A long time ago, I started my very first blog on a shared hosting plan with bluehost. After I installed Wordpress, I couldn't figure out how to login to my Wordpress dashboard....

    How to Start a Blog: Step 4 – Setting up Your Blog’s Back End

    Now that we've come up with our topic, figured out how much everything is going to cost, and actually rolled up our sleeves to prep some great content, it's time to set...

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