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    Some Things I Don’t Know

    I’ve written a piece that summarizes what I knew going into my first blog building project, and now it’s time for the evil twin, which I’m creatively calling “What I Don’t Know.” 
    Summer Flamingo

    Summer 2019 Top Trending Keywords on Pinterest (How Can 300,000+ Pins be Wrong?)

    The Pinterest algorithm is intentionally set up to favor topical content when it decides which pins to show you. Unlike Google, which is an even-keeled search machine, Pinterest has shown itself to...

    An Expert’s Guide to Failing with Google Adwords: Part 1

    I am an expert at failing spectacularly with Google Ads. Seriously, I'm the best. See, now that this place has some good content for people to read and I'm...
    wordpress form plugins

    Five Premium Plugins for Creating WordPress Forms

    At some point in your blogging super-career, you'll probably run into a situation whose ideal solution requires you to go beyond the abilities built into Wordpress. And it might come sooner than...
    ConvertKit top features for bloggers

    ConvertKit’s Top Features (that will make your life way easier)

    Designed by a former pro-blogger, ConvertKit is one of the best email marketing solutions around. Built specifically for bloggers and content creators, it sports a number of features designed to support your...
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