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    Hack The Sneaky Science Behind Income Reports to Build Powerful Marketing Campaigns

    Income reports used to puzzle me. Why would anyone want to invite a stranger into their finances? Especially considering that the dollars involved can be pretty big -...
    How to Cite a Blog in APA MLA or Chicago Style

    How to Cite a Blog

    I have a happy place in my mind where this website is so amazing and widely known that people cite it constantly in works of sociological and academic merit.

    How to Start a Blog: Step 4 – Setting up Your Blog’s Back End

    Now that we've come up with our topic, figured out how much everything is going to cost, and actually rolled up our sleeves to prep some great content, it's time to set...

    Is Ranking #1 On Google Overrated?

    This article covers some intermediate level keyword and traffic analysis. If you're still learning the ropes, some of it might be confusing or out of scope for your current experience.
    wordpress form plugins

    Five Premium Plugins for Creating WordPress Forms

    At some point in your blogging super-career, you'll probably run into a situation whose ideal solution requires you to go beyond the abilities built into Wordpress. And it might come sooner than...

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