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    How to Start A Blog: Step 3 – Writing Your First Blog Posts

    Ladies and gentlemen, pull out your laptops, pencils, fountain pens, or quills and let's get our write on. (if you actually pulled out a quill, send me a picture and I'll post...

    How to Start a Blog: Step 1 – Choose A Great Topic

    If you're starting a blog, your first job is to choose a great topic. Maybe you've already picked a topic. Cool. In that case, maybe you're ready to move...

    How to Use ConvertKit – A Beginner’s Introduction & Tutorial

    ConvertKit is pretty awesome. I suppose the most boring way to describe ConvertKit is to say that it's an email marketing platform, like MailChimp or AWeber. But that just...

    How to Start a Blog: Step 4 – Setting up Your Blog’s Back End

    Now that we've come up with our topic, figured out how much everything is going to cost, and actually rolled up our sleeves to prep some great content, it's time to set...

    How to Edit Blog Content For Readability & Engagement

    As I point out in my general article on creating effective blog content, editing new blog content is time consuming. On average, I estimate that I spend at least...

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