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    An Expert’s Guide to Failing with Google Adwords: Part 1

    I am an expert at failing spectacularly with Google Ads. Seriously, I'm the best. See, now that this place has some good content for people to read and I'm...
    CDN Network for Wordpress

    CDN WordPress for Speed & Security

    Using a CDN will speed up your website and provide a better user experience. It provides an extra layer of redundancy and an extra layer of security. If you run a big...
    Change bluehost nameserver

    Setting Up Bluehost Nameservers

    If you're hosting your Wordpress site with Bluehost, you can use the Bluehost nameservers to point to the computer where your site lives. The Bluehost nameservers are:

    The Six Most Profitable Blog Topics

    If you're working on choosing a topic for your new blog, it's helpful to approach the problem with a decent understanding of which topics have some profit potential built in, and which...

    Figuring Out What to Write About

    Having an Idea vs Having a Voice When it comes to content creation - not content writing, which is different - I’m a little lucky.

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