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    This article covers some intermediate level keyword and traffic analysis. If you're still learning the ropes, some of it might be confusing or out of scope for your current experience.

    The Only 3 Types of Content New Bloggers Should Write

    Blog content is a lot like ice cream. It's widely available, it's in high demand, it can be super freaking amazing, and it comes in all kinds of...

    User Engagement & The Importance of Telling Great Stories

    Running a blog is kind of a ballet. It integrates a lot of different tasks into the creation of one final product. There's some technical knowledge to get the...

    Getting Started with MailChimp​ and Building Your First Email Campaigns

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    How to Integrate MailChimp with WordPress

    Mailchimp is a powerful piece of software that handles the back end of building an email list. See that email signup box over on the right? That box is put there by...

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