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    Mailchimp API Key

    How to Find Your MailChimp API Key and Use it for Cool Stuff

    Many applications support the use of API Keys. API Keys let different applications securly communicate and exchange data with one another. They're like a password that one application must supply in order...

    8 Essential Tools for Starting Your Blog & Why You Need Them

    Hey! Before you jump in to this article, I'm going to warn you: This article is reeeeeealy long. It took a whole bunch of time to write, and it will take a...

    8 Big Dollar Blog Income Reports & What They Can Teach You

    Sigh. It's just an inevitable fact that when you teach people the formula for building successful, revenue producing blogs, you're going to end up dealing with income reports...
    wordpress form plugins

    Five Premium Plugins for Creating WordPress Forms

    At some point in your blogging super-career, you'll probably run into a situation whose ideal solution requires you to go beyond the abilities built into Wordpress. And it might come sooner than...

    Blog Case Study: How Shoutmeloud Attracts 500k Visitors and Earns $40,000 per Month

    Shoutmeloud is a blog run by Indian super-blogger (and nicest guy in the Naan store) Harsh Agrawal. Harsh might also be a movie star with some sweet Bollywood dance moves, but that's...

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